Welcome to our world of pure European linen and handcrafted luxury.
All our garments are carefully created to suit a contemporary lifestyle and chic aesthetic. 
Combined with the benefits of high quality linen which is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and highly absorbent, our pieces are perfect for the modern woman who is stylish and always on the go.  
Linen and Linens is a part of Vrijesh group of Companies, a government recognised export house that has been trading and manufacturing in silk and linen fibres, yarns & fabrics since 1970.

"LINEN AND LINENS", a brand that was born to satisfy a craving for classic linen Stitched apparels and furnishings. We felt that there wasn’t enough accessible choice out there for people who love linen as much as we do. So we created Linen and Linens. With almost five decades of success with fabrics, we know what works. Our primary focus is to deliver timeless and classic designs crafted from the finest European linen.

We pride ourselves on our craft, and want to share our passion for style and comfort with you.

                                                                                                                       - Purvi Agarwal
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